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Condo musings

May 23, 2011

* Knowing somebody who is handy is really darn..handy. My dad was able to diagnose my dryer problem, which saved me from both a service consultation and a new dryer (although I am a bit disappointed that I won’t be getting a new one)
* Small changes = big difference. We used to have a gate in the condo to restrict Emu’s space for when we weren’t home (this is necessary when introducing a dog to a new home). We removed it today and I’m shocked how much of a difference it makes. It’s as if we gained a few sq ft, even though the gate only took up vertical space.
* Resale properties can have a few surprises. Today, I earned $1 and a bunch of useful 3M cord clips (4 brand new packages) from the previous owner because they had fallen behind the dryer, which no sane person should move around on a regular basis. Nice little surprise. I also ‘received’ an Ikea clock (broken, sadly) and some colourful Hallmark gift wrap (but not behind the dryer).
* Living in 650 sq ft makes you use your space way more efficiently. I’ve learned and gained so much experience on maximizing storage space. It’s actually fun because it forces me to find creative solutions (and probably more fun because I was a Tetris-raised child). I’m even beginning to par down on wardrobe (gasp!) to  items that I deem essential. Hurrah!

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